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Do you want to be part of something great to put on your resume?  Do you like to give back to your community?  Would you like help finding out what you want to do for a career?  If you answered yes, being an Ambassador for TEMA (The Extra Mile Academy) might be a good fit.

Becoming an Ambassador is a grueling process, but here are payoffs:

  1. Donate 300 hours in the next 12 months and earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).
  2. Save money into a savings account at a local bank or credit union.  TEMA is working on funding so we can match savings up to $500.
  3. TEMA helps set up mock interviews, job shadows, and internships in the career field of your choice.

How do I become an Ambassador for TEMA?  There are two tracks available for Ambassadors.  You have to complete all ten steps in track 1, to become an Ambassador.  Track 2 leads to public speaking.  Track 2 is highly encouraged, but optional.

Track 1:

  1. Answer the question, What do I want to do for a career?
  2. List three companies that hire for that career?
  3. Prepare a resume for that career.
  4. Prepare for an interview.
  5. Sit in front of a panel interview.  (TEMA will provide the panel.)
  6. Complete a mock interview at one of the three companies listed earlier.
  7. Job shadow at one of the companies listed earlier.
  8. Do an internship for one of the companies listed earlier.  (This step is encouraged, but not required to become an Ambassador.)
  9. Open up a savings account at a bank or credit union.
  10. Set aside a % of all money received into savings.  (5% Bronze Medal Saver, 10% Silver Medal Saver, 15% Gold Medal Saver.)

Track 2:

  1. Attend/watch online Train-the-Trainer class or classes.
  2. Study and learn the presentation.
  3. Give the presentation in front of a TEMA member.
  4. Give presentation in front of a live audience.  (TEMA will provide.)
  5. Become approved for public presentation.
  6. Schedule date for presentation at a high school or other location in the community.
  7. Order presentation materials.  (These materials are provided at no cost.)
  8. Invite someone from the business community to attend the presentation.
  9. The presentation will have two TEMA Ambassadors, one TEMA representative, one or two business representatives.  Each TEMA Ambassador will invite one person from the business community.

How do I volunteer the 300 hours if I don’t want to do public speaking?

There are two ways to volunteer the 300 hours.  The Ambassador can complete Track 2 and do public presentations.  The other option is to volunteer hours helping the TEMA organization.  Activities include helping maintain TEMA’s website, facebook page, and other social media.  Other areas an Ambassador can volunteer is grant writing or helping with the accounting for the organization.

What to get started or learn more?  Contact us for more information.