Learn Real-World Financial Skills &
Explore Careers that Fit You

The Extra Mile Academy (TEMA) offers college students real-world opportunities to learn practical financial skills and explore careers that fit with their interests and aptitudes.

It all works on the basic idea that the best way to learn something is to do it. Our program starts college students out with 125 hours of financial services experience, working with an accredited, professional financial advisor, working  together with real clients. You’ll learn life-long skills such as budgeting, investing, and saving. You’ll learn about debt, how to buy a home, and how to save for a great retirement. Simply put, you’ll learn personal financial management and mastery.

From, there we will match you with an internship specifically aligned with your passions, skills, and interests. We’ll connect you with private employers, doing work you care about while serving those you most want to work for.

Once complete, you will not only have a broad, incredibly useful set of skills and experience, but you will also eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

We’ve crafted this program to give college students skills that will not only help them master their financial life, but also be able to find careers that will give them the opportunity for a lifetime of meaningful work and service.

Currently, this program is open to current college students only. We hope to expand our reach to high school students in the future.

How it Works

Apply Online & Create an Individual Profile Based on Your Skills and Interests

Fill out your individual profile so we can learn a little more about you and match you with opportunities that fit what you care about.

Get 125 Hours Experience Working with Real-Life Financial Services Clients

Learn skills such as budgeting, investing, and savings while working with a professional/accredited financial advisor.

Get 125 Hours Experience Working a Professional Internship Tailored to You

Using your interests and talents, we match you with an internship that allows you to explore your interests, utilize your talents, and build real-world experience.

Learn Lifetime Skills & Receive The President's Volunteer Service Award

Gain skills, perspective, and experience that will benefit you for a lifetime. Plus, due to your service, you are eligible for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, a national distinction.

About The Extra Mile Academy (TEMA)

Founded in 2014, The Extra Mile Academy (TEMA) has two core aspects to its mission. First, TEMA gives students the opportunity to learn financial literacy in real-world settings. Students work one-on-one with an accredited, professional finanical advisor, with real clients, learning all aspects of financial management. Budgeting, investing, saving, mortgages, credit cards, debt, we cover it all so students can learn how these financial topics work in real life.

Second, we want to give students work experience in internship positions that match their interests, passions, and talents. We work with students to figure out where the intersection of their interests and abilities lie, then place them with employers that will help them explore potential careers of interest to them in a real-world setting.

TEMA is supported by donations of time, money, and experience by local and national donors. If you would like to help us bring financial literacy plus real-world career exploration opportunities to more students, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.

Help Us Help Students

Help us fulfill our mission of bringing financial literacy to students by making a tax-deductible donation.
TEMA is approved as a 501( c)(3) Non-Profit Charity.

Giving students the skills, experience, and opportunities that will last them a lifetime.

From budgeting to investing, to buying a home and managing debt, we provide students with the practical, critical financial literacy skills we wish were offered in school.

We match students with internship opportunities that not only match their interests and aptitudes, but also give them a chance to try out careers, helping them find not only what they want to do, but for whom they want to do it for.